Love the Support!

Thanks for reading our blog and checking out our pics. We love all the comments.  I think the funniest thing is that people say I’m not that big.  I’ve gained 19 POUNDS!!! That’s pretty significant in my book.  Maybe they don’t remember my previously rock-hard abs (JK).   I just laugh and say well give it a couple months.  I can’t imagine how big I’m gonna be in 3 more months!  It’s hard to even think about… But I truly feel so blessed.  Blessed to be experiencing the miracle of creation that only a Creator could of come up with.  The babies seem to be the most active first thing in the morning. While I’m stirring in bed, they begin to stir as well.  Yesterday I felt one of them kick and punch at the same time, maybe it was a stretch, but it was really cool either way.  After I felt that I felt lower kicks so I think that was the other baby. It’s kinda cool to try to feel both of them.  If you ever think about praying for us, the biggest need is their development and growth, that they will stay in my belly long enough to come home with me from the hospital.


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