Grapefruit is good…

I was just sitting here demolishing a grapefruit and I felt the babies move so I started watching my stomach and I could SEE them move!! This was the first time for that, it was really cool and weird all at the same time.  I think they like grapefruit. Also, today I was in this baby furniture store and this lady wanted to do this test on my wrist to tell me what I’m having.  I’m curious these days, so I said sure, let’s see this voodoo magic…  It wasn’t all that creepy, she had a pencil with the eraser stuck with a pin attached to a string, basically so the pencil could flow freely.  So, she dangles it over my left wrist, it had to be the left, that was important…for what seemed like a long time but was probably less than a minute, and she watched the pattern of the swaying pencil over my wrist.  Now, I had told her we were having twin boys already, but this is where it get’s good. She asks if I have ever been pregnant before this, I say no, she looks perplexed. Then she asks if the twins are identical, I say no, fraternal.  Then she smiles and says, you are having a girl and a boy and the girl will be born first.  She wrote it down in her book with my name and due date so that I can call her when they are born and tell her if she was right.  I couldn’t help but smile, because for some reason, Asher and I had felt it was gonna be a boy and girl, and were pretty surprised when they said they were boys.  So, weird or not, even before she did her little test I felt like that is the case anyway. Maybe we’ll know on Monday with our next ultrasound, or maybe we won’t know until May. Either way, we are really excited for these little Barrett’s to come and play, and have felt so blessed by the way God is already providing in ways we never expected. We just got word that someone is giving us a special L-shaped twin crib for FREE!!!  And others have blessed us already too.  It’s just so reassuring that God is in control, and will provide for the blessings he has already provided. Life is exciting.


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