Asians, peanuts, and action figures…

So I’ve heard pregnant women can have some pretty funny dreams, but I didn’t know their husband would too! Asher’s dream last night went something like this: Our two beautiful boys came a little early but they were ok and he was holding them both in his arms. One was a little bigger than the other, but not by much. Sweet huh?! As he stared down into their beautiful faces, he noticed one small peculiarity, they had little dark eyes in the shape of almonds, and strait dark hair (is that a stereotype?), they were Asian!!! My dreams are more off the wall than that, does the nickname “peanut” conjure up any images? It sure did in my dream, my babies were literally little peanuts. Their mouths were so small we had to pry them open and squirt milk in from a bottle. My other dream was that they were action figures…and instead of labor, I just had to open the plastic molding they come in and take them out and love them. Not bad huh?! Keep in mind, these dreams seem very real in the moment…


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