Update and the facts

Some of you have been asking questions, so…:  We are 22.5 weeks along, putting us due sometime in May because they don’t let twins go past 38 weeks (If they stay in that long!)

They are definitely boys according to the last ultrasound. They kick, shove, play basketball already and the likes all in my belly that has gained 5+ inches since November 1st.  I have gained a whole 26 pounds already, which in normal circumstances would probably put me full term, however, with twins, it’s very important to gain more weight quickly because they slow their growth (no more room)  earlier than a single baby would, so despite how most gals would feel about gaining so much weight, I feel pretty good to meet the goals the Doctors say I should.  This will help insure the babies are big enough to go home with me.  So people that know me think I’m really big, people that don’t think I’m really small. All the comments are really funny to me, I try to keep it light…no pun intended.  hahahaha


2 thoughts on “Update and the facts

  1. So happy for you guys! Two boys! My, oh, my! I hear ya on the big girl thing, I’m up to 36 pounds! This growth is AMAZING! Keep up the good work Sally : )

  2. 26 pounds? full term? WHATEVER. i gained a good 45 to 50 with both of mine and they were ONE AT A TIME. girl, you look amazing. i bet you that you gain less with two than i did with one!

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