Finally we put new pics!

My husbands a graphic and web designer, so he doesn’t always have time or energy to update our own site, and  unfortunately, it’s a bit out of my league.  So, hope you like the new pics of my growing belly, our growing boys, and our lovely crib.  I’m sure for those of you whom I haven’t seen lately it’s a  little surprise at how big it’s grown!!!!  The pics of the boys are kinda funny this time, baby A has his hand on his head (contemplating entering this world), and baby B has his leg folded up to his head as he stares creepily at us. Everyone always said our kids would be cute!!! So there ya go, you all could stop sending Asher hate mail for not posting recent pics (jk).   🙂


2 thoughts on “Finally we put new pics!

  1. I miss you guys. You look really great…and don’t worry cause those boys will use up all of your extra calories in no time once they are born.

  2. Just wait until the twins are here. You really will have no time to get everything done on putting up pics, but that is okay. You wont care at that point, and you will love the boys dearly. We are praying for you! Tanna

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