My belly has a life of it’s own, it moves and contorts every which direction all on it’s own, it tells me when to eat and how I’m allowed to sleep, yes, this belly of mine is quite controlling… It also keeps on growing, as I’m nearing the big numbers on the scale that I never thought I would see, I realize the illusion I once held that my life was my own, has collided with reality. A happy reality though. We realize that these babies could be in our arms in as little as 7 weeks (or sooner if they choose). So we are just going along until that happy day that I utter those words that universally are understood, “honey, it’s time.”

We had dinner last night with some friends that have 9 month old twins. It was our first time to see them all together and how they interact and handle all the tasks associated with 2 babies. I think it was a great picture, her husband was very “hands on,” which is pretty much the standard with twins I guess. They were great though, they have allowed us to peak through a window into our future. A very near future.


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