We are now 29 weeks 2 days. I just realized the last two blogs I wrote were “saved” and not “published,”  I’ll just chalk that up to baby brain, seems like that type of thing has become more frequent…   so, you have a little back reading to do.  We go on Tuesday for our next ultrasound and checkup.   I will post an update then.   We will be seeing the Dr. every two weeks now.  As for me, I am tired, didn’t sleep well last night, but I am excited to go into the baby room tomorrow and look at the gifts I received from my friends at a shower on Saturday.  We have been so blessed and thank our family and friends for all the generosity and different ways they have blessed us.  I also thank my husband who is loving and patient, and sensitive to all my woes and weird symptoms (like my thumbs swelling every night this past week?)   Seriously though, I think God is using my weaknesses to prepare his heart for needly, helpless little babies that he will love just as much as me.

Currently I measure 38 inches round, and am nearing the 40lb mark!!! Who woulda thought??? Thanks to my friends that lent me their maternity clothes, I probably would not have fun with the belly without all the cute clothes, thanks Amy and Shaena!


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