So, I feel like we’ve seen each other recently because I dreamt that Asher and I, and my parents and a younger version of my brother all went to see you in Montana! We had lots of fun, I got to hug you all, and then we drove through the snow capped mountains to head to your houses. I woke up missing you all, but also felt that it hadn’t been as long as it really has. I also had this other dream a while back that pertains to Sara Trammel. Her and I were standing next to each other and both being pregnant, I guess we stood too close to each other because one of my babies transported into her belly. So now, she is carrying two! There wasn’t really anything we could do, basically, she now had to deliver one of my babies for me. So the time came and she had them, but she wouldn’t let us see either baby until they did a DNA test to make sure we got the right one, I’m sure they couldn’t tell by looking… ha, but it was a really funny dream and made me smile at the thought.


6 thoughts on “Montanans

  1. You look great, Sally! Sorry to hear that your thumb tingling progressed to the whole carpal tunnel thing. I had the same thing and it was really annoying. It does go away right away after delivery though. Hang in there!


  2. Hey, little guys! You are getting big! Your mom looks beautiful. Be good to her and stay
    in there until God finishes knitting you together. Can’t wait to see you, it won’t be long now. I love you!!!

  3. Wow that was a total pregnancy dream, I’m glad it not possible to transfer babies, but if it happened I would give you the darker baby 🙂

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