Dr. Goo

That’s what Chris Lively thought our Dr’s name was.  Anyways, we had an appointment with him today, no ultrasound, but their heartbeats are good and everything looked good. My blood pressure was a little high, but it was my normal low by the end of the appointment, which means, sadly, that walk from the car was a workout.  He said my carpal tunnel is normal and nothing can be done right now.  So I slept in the recliner last night, it didn’t really help much.  For some reason my whole arm falls asleep even when I’m not laying on it.  On a little random side note, icees are good, we bought a box of icee pops. Classic cherry is my fav. What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “Dr. Goo

  1. Icees are WONDERFUL when you’re pregnant. I couldnt get enough of icee stuff. I was at bahama breeze all the time getting their fresh fruit virgin icee things. pregnant lady at the bar (as long as no one was smoking of course). We had fun making up new concoctions for me, the bartenders would pack in extra fruit just for me! LOL I forgot about that until you mentioned icees.

  2. Sally- I am glad all is going well for you. I am still fighting Carpal Tunnel and my twins will be 6 in June. I have one with a broken arm right now. Her twin sister is her little moma right now. They are very close, as your boys probably will be. Take care of yourself. It won’t be long now although it seems like forever. The last month seems the longest.

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