32 WEEKS!!!

that’s 8 months!!! It’ so crazy to think in just 5 weeks or less, these babies are going to be in our lives instead of in my belly. They will be able to use and wear all the amazing baby stuff that is waiting for them. They will get to see and be loved in person by all the people that already love and pray for them. Isn’t that amazing? This boys have such a wide spread extended family that they are already a part of. We are so thankful and humbled by the fact that we have made it this far with healthy babies and mom. At church today the pastor described the definition of “gratitude.” He said it’s a thankfulness that moves you to want to repay the gift you’ve been given. That’s how I feel about all the love and blessings we’ve experienced throughout this pregnancy. People that barely know us, or maybe not at all, handing us gifts and giving so generously out of the kindness God has placed in their hearts (and a little pity I’m sure 🙂 . )  How foolish of us to ever worry that we will not be able to provide or be taken care of. God is so big, and we are so grateful.

The quick stats are, I’m about 39.5 inches around, and have gained about 40 pounds, we also measured at 36 weeks for a single baby. Our next ultrasound is around the 25th, hoping the boys will be over 4 pounds.


2 thoughts on “32 WEEKS!!!

  1. Hi Sally,

    Let’s talk soon, I can come over some evening and help you sterilize the pump and parts and show you how it works. I also have a nursing tank top for you. Can’t wait to hear about your next ultrasound!

  2. Sally,

    You look beautiful…you are beautiful. I am here crying at work! So happy for you both and excited to spend time with you.


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