“I don’t feel anything…”

This was my irrational comment that I texted to my friend Sarah (who recently had twins) after her text that stated, “I had a dream that you had the boys!! My prediction is this Thursday!” For some reason I read that text like 10 times trying to figure out what she meant, I kept thinking “prediction” was “pediatrician.” It wasn’t spelled wrong, I just didn’t get it. Once I did, my text back was, “But I’m not ready!!”, then she graciously reminded me that it could be literally any day “You better get ready little mamma!!,” I believe were her exact words. I also texted that I don’t feel anything, which may in my life, be the understatement of the year. The boys movements have changed in the last 4 days so much, not slowing down like a single baby does (or so the books say), but rather have became way more intense. Instead of a little baby arm or leg rolling around, it feels like a adult fist rubbing the inside of my belly. It’s a bit uncomfortable. I don’t know if they’ve just rapidly increased in size and are maxing out their apartment, or what, but it is different. I’ve also become undeniably aware of the weight of my own body. My poor little feet and legs that have to support this now upward of 40 lbs belly, I think my body is getting tired. But I have got better sleep lately, and some good naps I think because of that. So back to the texting, Asher asked “So what do you feel needs to be done to get ready still?” I said, “I don’t know, clean the house?” It’s funny what seems important to me right now. I think the babies will find out that our house isn’t always spin-n-span eventually, unlike guests that come for only a day. I don’t really think the babies, or most guests will really care at this time. Anyways, thanks for all your comments and prayers, it’s really fun to see who’s reading the blog and going this journey with us whether near or far. Much love.


3 thoughts on ““I don’t feel anything…”

  1. I didn’t feel any different either. I just had a moment of “oh, wow, let’s go.” I’ll be praying for your skinny little bod, though!! Steve says you fall into the “really cute pregnant lady” category. Can’t wait to meet em!


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