Cinco de Mayo

Does this dress make me look big?

35 weeks 3 days!!!! With a virgin margarita to celebrate!! Seriously, every week that passes is a work of God. I’m doing fine, lots of braxton hix lately. I did have my first little taste of a real contraction Sunday about 4am. It started down low then went to my lower back, it made me say “ohhhhh, this is what they mean.” It lasted for a while but never came back. But in that time after it went away, my mind did race here, there, and everywhere. But I didn’t finish reading that book, but my brother (and family) are out of town, but, but, but…

But alas, false alarm. Or perhaps a warning/reality check that there is going to in fact be a day and time that these boys have to come out. We feel ready, but in that moment, how could anyone be ready for something they’ve never known before?

But we are pretty ready, bassinet is up, carpets clean (thanks mom), I got a massage and chiro adjustment (thanks GG and ET). We go to the Dr. on Thursday, so we’ll see what he says.


6 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo

  1. I love reading your blog; this takes me back 18 years. I’ve forgotten the labor pain, but am experencing a different kind this week. Like you, my mind is racing, but asking, “Where will he go? Is he ready?
    Be anxious for nothing (I’m sertain this includes labor), but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    I’m praying for you.

  2. It was fun visiting with you last night, I think you are totally ready for the boys. Can’t wait to hear how your next appointment goes!

  3. I agree with Gina, you guys are totally ready! Just try to relax and enjoy things however they may go. End result=you get to meet your boys! Yeah!

  4. wow sally, you have made it so far. keep up the good work. I can remember the weeks before zach was born i would stay up late cleaning all the time, trying to make everything perfect. We are so excited to see pictures of these boys that I know will be so handsome.

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