The big update…

So I know we’ve all been excited to see what the doc would say today, so here it is the big news, NOTHING. No dilation, baby A’s head has not dropped (engaged) fully, no stress on babies, no contractions, so basically no news.  Just another checkup.  The boys are doing great, just chillin’.  They sure did not like to have those monitors on them, they squirmed and wiggled and tried to get away, the nurse had to keep re-finding them to get a reading of their hearts. Sooooooo, it could potentially be another 3 weeks, CRAZY.  We will have an ultrasound next Wednesday and probably more stress tests.  Other than that, just growing.  At my next visit I’m sure they will have to use the next notch on the scale, if ya know what I mean…


3 thoughts on “The big update…

  1. oh my gosh i hate it when they use the next notch. i’m always like, whatever, put it back. you’re just playing a trick on me. but they’re not.

  2. Oh my goodness Sally! These boys are going to be 8 pounders! I’m glad to hear everything is going well! I would love to come by next week but my mom will be in town for my brother and sister’s graduations. Maybe the following week if you still haven’t popped! Hang in there girl!

  3. I’m sooooo excited. It really is a blessing that they are staying put until they are ready., no matter how miserable you may feel. I’m praying for you.

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