36 WEEKS and Little Sausages


Just kidding, 36 weeks, yes Chris, technically tomorrow (Saturday) is the dawn of 36 weeks, but I have time right now to blog!! Yes on a Friday night… We can’t really watch t.v. because our child of technology has suffered an untimely death, yes, our hd flat screen has become nothing more than an unfashionable wall piece hiding the hole on the wall that was created to display it. Just in time to reject the cable guy coming on Monday to give us free cable (Comcast Double Play to get cable for same price as you already pay for internet…fabulous deal that we will no longer be taking advantage of, but you should…) Yes, as we bring two new children into the world this one must go.

Enough drama, this pic was taken today, to document my growth, I did not include my feet because of their unsightly appearance. They, as my husband would say, remind him of little sausages. The only shoes I can wear are my old black flip flops. O well. I can’t really see my feet from my view anyway. I did add some pictures to some older posts that were relative to the times, so you might scan through to see my progression. I will try to be better with pics from now on in order to fully entertain my loyal readers. Love yas


5 thoughts on “36 WEEKS and Little Sausages

  1. Whoever says that does not really know you. You look small because your stomach is so BIG. Right now your legs are hot look how small your legs look to next to your beautiful big belly. Your beautiful I love your pics on myspace too. Love you and praying for you Happy Mothers day!!!!!

  2. sally-

    you look radiant!
    ohhhh how i understand about the feet. my still resemble shrek’s feet and i delivered a week ago. you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. i am so amazed at how strong your body is, wow! enjoy the last moments with asher before life changes, not for the bad but for the different.

    love and blessings to you guys as new life approaches,

  3. Hey Sally,

    We were at Hannah’s soccer tournament all weekend, I was totally expecting to see that you had your boys while we were gone…..Wow, you are doing great and the boys will have the best chances of going home with you sooner rather than later because you are hanging in there so long! You look wonderful. Go Sally!!!

  4. Thank you for posting so many beautiful pictures for those of us do not get to see you. You look so great, very big, but so beautiful.

  5. dude. you are TOO freaking cute. i LOVE IT!!! thanks for sharing your belly. i would love to see your feet as well, so those of us who have had sausage feet in the past can say “hey! someone else has them too!” 🙂

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