39 weeks?????

We went to see Dr. Hurley today, the perinatologist that does our ultrasounds. The babies look great and surprisingly, still have room to grow!!! Yes, that’s right, they still have fluid and room to grow in their little studio apartment. Baby A is not even “dropped/engaged” yet either (can’t imagine how that’s gonna affect  my waddle.)  Also, the best news, is that their estimated weights are 5lbs 11oz and 5lbs 14oz!!! We know these are estimations, but it is very encouraging. The x-ray tech just kept joking, “they must not know twins aren’t suppose to get this big…” So, the docs word is that if they don’t come by 39 weeks, they’ll have to start taking some action. 39 WEEKS!!! Crazy huh. We go to the OB checkup tomorrow and he will tell us if we are any closer to delivery.  I’m doing good though, my sleep is good most nights, and I’m less afraid to do more now that the boys are bigger and safe (not that doing “more” is very much…) My belly is soooo heavy. I realized the magnitude of it yesterday as I spent some good time in a pool, then when I went to the stairs to get out, my once weightless belly was now a ton of bricks, no exaggeration. So speaking of belly, I’d like to share some of the comments I recieve as I venture into society for your own belly laughs!

“Mommy, she’s fat.”

“You look like you’re gonna pop!”

“You’re still walking around?”

Grandma says, “Sally, what are you doing to us?”

At Dions, as I was holding a 15 month old for my friend I heard some guy say behind me, “That’s not even funny.”

And then there was the interesting hippy lady at the natural foods store that didn’t say anything, but gave me a really funny pointing hand motion and giggle. I just said, “Hi.” Later I realized she was a “little pregnant” and that factor was our cosmic connection!


5 thoughts on “39 weeks?????

  1. Oh, your comments are so funny! The boys are getting so big, that’s wonderful!!!!
    Can’t wait to hear what your ob says after tomorrow.
    Take care,

  2. Great news! That’s so awesome that the boys are big and healthy and still growing. It’s crazy to think it could be any day! I’m anxiously awaiting the text message that says its time!! I’m praying for you. You are so close so hang in there!!!! I love you!


  3. Well, the last days are coming for you. I can understand to a point. I am praying that you will have a quick delivery and that they will be soon for your sake. Since I know you are feeling like you have more weight than anything right now. Glad the boys are going well. I love the comments on the belly.

  4. at least you can respond with “yes, as a matter of fact, i am having twins” to the question that i received at least once a freaking day. “oh, you must be having twins?” um, no. but thanks so much for pointing out that i look like i have not one, but TWO ginormous babies in my stomach. glad you’re still hangin in there.

  5. I bought 2 packages of premie diapers to give you when they get here. If these boys keep getting bigger, I’m gonna have to exchange them for the next size up! Great job, Sally!

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