So the ob appt. yesterday was again with no news.  No effacement, no thinning, no dilation, no dropping of baby A’s head.  So nothing any time soon.  Hmmmm… then why do I feel this way? Crampy and stuff?  I don’t know how many guys read this blog, don’t worry, I won’t get any more detailed than that.  So we just keep on going, all those RSVP’s I returned with a no because I would probably of had these babies by then, who woulda thought little me would get this far, thanks God.


5 thoughts on “RSVP’s

  1. So does that mean you get to come tomorrow? 😉

    But really, I’m so excited for you to have the boys and I want to see them so much! I know it’s good for them to be in there longer so yes, Thank you Lord for that, but I also want you to have them already 😀

  2. I am so sad I can’t be there with you, I think of you everyday wondering when you will have those little boys. I’m sure your thinking the same, hang in there

  3. Well, babies come when God tells them to. So we have peace and know God will say when.
    I love you and I miss being there with you. You are the most beautiful pregnant young women
    I have ever seen. You are doing an amazing job of taking care of yourself and this is the fruit of
    it all. This has been your job for 37 weeks. Thanks to Asher too for all that he does.
    You guys will be like, amazing parents. Yah
    Love Mom

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