June 2nd

Yup, that is these boys birthday if they don’t choose to come on their own before then. We met with both our dr’s today and they say the boys and I are doing great. So they will give them to June 2nd (39 weeks 2 days) before they will induce. The good thing is the induction is set up with a Dr. that I know is comfortable trying to turn the second baby or deliver breech (thanks Sarah). However, I know it’s probably best overall for them to come on their own, which would mean having any dr. on call since nether mine nor the new dr. will be on call next week. So I guess you can pray God’s will be done, since it is his grace and strength that has got us so far, I’m sure He know’s what the best scenario is for these little boys to enter the world. We are very excited to meet them, I got to snuggle our friends little twins last night and it just made me more excited to meet our little Zek and Ben. It’s just all that has to transpire before the meeting of our babies that I’m not as comfortable with…I know it’s inevitable, they have to come out…I just wish that whole teleporting thing was working…


2 thoughts on “June 2nd

  1. I am praying for you Sally and for the delivery, I know everything will work out great. (Hopefully you have better luck with the raspberry leaf tea than I did, 🙂

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