still nothing

Well it’s now 3:18 and still no babies. What’s the deal? I thought things went fast after the water brakes. Keep the prayers up. Sally is doing ok and so are the boys. The doc said she felt one of the babies head. Very COOL. The Doc said that sally was 5cm now and sally has thrown-up twice which is good. Ok i’ll keep everyone updated.



5 thoughts on “still nothing

  1. Asher & Sally — I am so thankful I checked on your blog today and feel like we’re a part of your big day. Know you are in our prayers. We love you. Lisa & Anthony

  2. poor baby!! sally, that is. you’re on the road for an amy labor!! THIRTY hours baby. but its totally worth it. we’ll pray them out over here. 🙂

  3. You guys are champs… particularly Sally but way to hang in there Asher. Praying for you guys, can’t wait to meet those boys.

  4. Oh man! Sally you are so great! I can’t wait to see the little boys. I guess our dinner date for Wednesday is off 😉

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