Two Babies!

Introducing…Ezekiel James Barrett and Benjamin Asher Barrett!!!!! Ezekiel weighed in at 4lbs11oz. and Benjamin 5lbs12oz. The boys are healthy and hungry. Sally had to have a C-Section and is now recovering. In the first picture Ezekiel on Asher’s right arm and Benjamin on his left. Ezekiel is the one with his eyes open in the pictures.


11 thoughts on “Two Babies!

  1. PTL!!! congratulations!!! i couldn’t go to bed until i heard the news…
    i am so excited for ya’ll.
    the boys are just beautiful, so perfect.

  2. asher sally and the boys-

    it is 3:37 am, rowan and i just finished having a middle of the night snack. i checked our email hoping there was a new post from you guys. Congratulations! the Lord is Good….
    sleep and enjoy your story. it is amazing and beautiful.

    we love all you guys,

  3. oh guys, they are just beautiful!!! i can’t believe they’re here! they’re PERFECT!!!!! i can’t wait to get my camera ALL over them. 🙂 congratulations, i’m totally crying right now, i can’t believe they’re finally here! sally, i know all the ins and outs of c section recovery. you’ll do GREAT!!!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Babies are miracles and you were blessed with two. I am so happy for you both. I too am crying while enjoying looking at the pics. I love seeing a dad as happy as Asher looks. Enjoy every moment because they grow up waaaayyyy to fast. May you all be blessed for eternity.

  5. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and so alert! Amazing job Sally! You look quite happy Daddy! Excited to see more pictures soon!

  6. Asher and Sally,
    The boys are adorable! Congratulations on your two little miracles. May God abundantly bless your family!
    Scott and Beth Wells

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