Beautiful days ahead part 1

Well, there are not pictures for this post, just a wonderful story about two little boys. Their story goes like this:  On Sunday morning, May 25 at 2:46 am Mommy’s water broke. Mommy didn’t have any contractions before her water was breaking. So Daddy and Mommy went to the hospital. Mommy started having lots of contractions on the way to the hospital. On arrival, Mommy was quickly evaluated, and come to find out, Mommy was already 4 centimeters dilated at 3:49 am. At 6:03 am Daddy watched as the sun started to come up over the hospital walls, while a slow breeze blew the American flag on the rooftop. As the day progressed, Mommy became more and more uncomfortable.  At 2 pm Mommy quickly became nauseated very frequently. Mommy really wanted to have us naturally but the pain was too much, even when Mommy had an epidural. Very slowly Mommy dilated, and the more Mommy dilated and labored, the more we wanted to make our way into the world.  But there was a problem.  Around 5:45 pm Daddy was told he needed to go change quickly, because Mommy really needed to go to the OR room asap. Our little heartbeats were very weak, and the doctor wasn’t sure how long we would be able to hold on. As Daddy left the room with tears in his eyes, he prayed a little prayer for us – a prayer of safety for his little ones and for Mommy.  At pm Mommy pushed and pushed for 2 hours off and on and still nothing. As our heartbeats changed from normal to extremely low and high with every push, a tired Mommy and Daddy were told a C-section was the best way for us to enter this world. Daddy was asked to step out of the OR for a few minutes and Mommy’s tummy was prepped for surgery. 8:10 pm – To be continued……..


2 thoughts on “Beautiful days ahead part 1

  1. Not many babies actually come on their due dates….That is just way cool…..oh by the way your comment about sleep dont ever expect a full nights sleep until they are at least in grade school. Kiss the babies fot me.

  2. Sally (and of course proud papa too!!) congratulations on your sweet little boys!! I am so happy for you guys, what a tear-jerky of a birth story! I am so happy that you and the little ones were okay. Isn’t it amazing, and so wonderful that we can so safely have C-sections in this country? I for one was so grateful, our second little one Jackson was one too. God sure is gracious, and there are so many women and children who would die in childbirth were it not for modern-day technology! I would love to meet them, when you feel ready… 🙂 Congrats again! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! P.S. I have a blog too,, and I promise, I chose my format before I saw yours, lol!

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