new pic

Ok Thought i would just throw up a new pic for the world to see.

Zek is on the left and Ben is on the right

Just like the pic from the last post.


15 thoughts on “new pic

  1. How adorable!!!! I can’t wait to meet them. I want to get in the car right now….but can’t. Hopefully in a couple months.

  2. Way to cute! They already look like the best of friends, and why not they have never spent a whole lot of time apart. They still seem a whole lot alike to me. I will see you soon I hope.

  3. they are beautiful….
    you guys are being prayed for so often. i am thankful that you have family to help. please let them help much!

  4. we are so so happy for you guys, we’re praying for strength and endurance in these early days…i’m so proud of you sally, way to go! they’re adorable little guys and we can’t wait to meet them!

  5. WOW — too precious — but then look at their folks — can’t wait to meet the dudes — hope you guys are fitting in some rest in there somewhere — love you —

  6. Congratulations you guys! Bravo, well done. They are soooooo cute, and have hair on their heads to boot!! Hope all is well with you Sally, you sure went through a lot! Mitch, Corey and Charlie say hi, we’re celebrating Mitch’s birthday. Love you guys, The Rabies

  7. don’t call me if you need premiee clothes, i had huge kids. hahaha. i love you guys. what’s your favorite food right now?

  8. I’m so happy for you guys! Let us know if you need ANYTHING at all. I’m at home now, so I can run stuff over, or go help, whatever!

  9. Sounds crazy since youwill be sleeping at strange times, but sleep when the boys sleep. You need to keep up your strength too. Glad Aunt Tammy is their to help you…

  10. Sooo sweet… so perfect, so innocent. they are beautiful!! looking forward to watch them grow thru this website. love you~

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