back for a moment

it kinda feels like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth…

I’m doing well though. Healing is good, if I could just get some energy back I would feel somewhat normal.

There’s just so much to soak in. I just want to remember every detail of their precious little bodies. From Zek’s little part on the top of his head that looks like an ocean wave, or ben’s precious big boy lips and lashes. I don’t want to forget how amazingly perfect they are. And yet, I’m sooo tired. Everyday I think of taking a picture of every inch of their body, and then another day passes. They are growing fast too. Zek weigh’s 5.1 and Ben 6.1. Gainning about an ounce a day. They are doing great. I sure wish they would sleep better at night between feedings, they sometimes do during the day, but when nightfall hits, it’s a whole other story. Thanks so much for all your prayers, and offers to help. My mom has stayed the duration and Asher’s Aunt Tammy and parents have came to help also. So if you still want to help or bring a meal, the next week is probably a great time. Thanks for being patient to meet the boys too, I really want to show them off, I just really would rather sleep. šŸ™‚ Just continue to pray for Asher’s and my perseverance and that sleep be multiplied. That we would see the temporary state we’re in as just that, passing. That we would still embrace these times for what they are, the start of two precious new lives.

I know this blog is long, but hey, who knows when the next one might come… I just wanted to pay tribute to my husband as Father’s day approaches. Since he did all the blogging during the labor and such, no one was able to see him from my perspective. He was more than I ever could of hoped he’d be. He sacrificed, worried, cried, loved me and the boys more than I could of imagined he would. He saw things I will never know and felt things I will never feel in those moments on that day. And I thank him for being so strong for me that whole week after, when I was so weak. Lot’s of things go down in the hospital that leave a person stripped of all pride, modesty, and sense of control in life. Asher didn’t shy away or be “grossed out,” instead he let God use these things to draw him and I together in a time that we would need it like no other before. I’m sure I speak for both of us to say this is truly from start to finish the hardest thing we’ve ever done. Asher, you are truly a great father and husband. I love you. (Now go get you that i-phone from us!!)


9 thoughts on “back for a moment

  1. Sleep? Sally in a few weeks you wont even know what sleep was or is. I am still trying to remeber how to do that.
    Enjoy what time you have with the boys they will grow up faster than you think.

  2. hi there girlfriend. šŸ™‚ yea, sleep is sure neat. but you may not see it for awhile. but IT WILL RETURN I PROMISE!! šŸ™‚ you’ll get used to no sleep though, just wait. love the pics, i can’t believe how much they have changed in just a week!!! oh, i posted a few more sneak peeks on my blog for you to check out. šŸ™‚ love you girl, hang in there.

  3. Thank you, Sally, for loving our son the way you do. Your words about Asher brought both of us to tears. We are thankful that he has such a wonderful treasure in you. And, yes, we were very proud of him during that long day and in the days that have followed. But we are also very proud of our special daughter-in-law. You, Asher, and those sweet little boys are constantly in our prayers. We love you!

  4. Oh, thanks for the new pics….Its so wonderful to get to hear how you guys are doing. Give the boys hugs and kisses from us!

  5. Hi Sally- I’ve been wanting to give you a call, but i figured you’ve been over whelmed with joy and have been restless at the same time. Just like you mentioned. =0) So i’ve just been keeping up with your blog and praying for you guys! That doesn’t change my desire to want to serve you and help with whatever i can though- so please let me know if there is anything in my ability to help out with! Also, I wouldn’t mind taking a ride to go visit you guys sometime. So let me know when it’s convenient for you! I know that’s hard to predict!
    Well I want you to know I love you and I’m sure God is giving both you and Asher all the wisdom to be a super mommy and daddy! And from the sound of it you both are doing great, hang in there! God bless you sweetie!

  6. Hi my Beautiful cousin! First I want to wish Asher a Very Happy Father’s Day!
    You summed up what I felt for Greg during our two weeks in the hospital. Blessed, we are. I’m glad you’re trying to soak up every minute of those precious babies. Everything happens so fast and you wonder where the time went when you realize as I just have today that Nathan’s foot is an inch bigger than when he was born! I will pray that those little ones will stay asleep for their mommy and daddy more during the night! Its great to finally hear your voice thru your blog. Thinking of you daily. Sure wish I was there to help! Sending love and prayers !
    Nicole and Nathan and Greg

  7. Hello Sally & Asher! I don’t know if you remember me. My maiden name is Zamora. I went to the School of Ministry at Calvary in 2001-2002. I got your blog address from Rachel Maes. I wanted to say Praise God for your little boys. What a blessing!

  8. Sally, you did a great job!! Way to go, God bless you. Anyway, thank you so much for having this website. I love checking in and seeing your beautiful boys. Take care of yourself, and I agree, what a great dad Asher is. Berlinda

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