Land of the living…

We are alive!!!! I can honestly say I feel almost normal. I got a little extra rest last week thanks to Asher and my mom watching the boys the last shift of the day. It was great!!!! The boys weighed in Friday at: Ben 7 lbs 1oz and Zek 6 lbs 3oz, both gaining a little over an oz a day!! They are doing great and becoming better sleepers. Last week we gave them their first baths, and they began sleeping in their big boy crib (still together of coarse.) Both have possibly contributed to them sleeping a 5hr stretch at night!!!! Huge. We also have been venturing out a little more, target, Trader Joes, Chiropractor, Asher’s work , the Livelys… sometimes these outings are simple, sometimes we simply survive. I just am so excited about feeling better personally. My back still aches a bit, and the carpal tunnel in one hand got worse instead of better after the birth, but other than that, I feel pretty strong. Thanks so much for all your prayers and love. Continue to pray for our rest and wisdom as parents of twins. Our little men our so precious, and yet we know they will soon need more from us than simply cuddling. It’s hard to know how to best parent when there are so many “philosophies” out there that all work great for someone. Of coarse we will raise them to know and fear our Lord, but it’s all the other stuff that leaves you kinda insecure and unsure…demand, schedule, ….etc… Anyways, Asher will post the new pics tonight, I know thats all you came for!!


6 thoughts on “Land of the living…

  1. No, that’s not all I came for! I am so so happy to hear that you are feeling better. I’d like to come over again soon and bring supper again (and also pick up that pregnancy book). They are getting so big, I can’t believe how much they weigh already!! Don’t feel like you are alone in these early days with insecurities- Brian and I were the same way with Amber and Ethan; it’s hard to figure out what to do when and to be consistent or not at that stage. You don’t have to listen to anyone’s advice either.

    I am so glad that you are getting better sleep too! It makes a huge difference, huh?
    Keep in touch and if there’s an evening that works well for you, let me know what it is…I want to come before Wednesday night (we are leaving Thursday for WI). Talk to you soon!

  2. Sally; It’s good to know that you have been resting. The last picture was a clue. Please call and let me know if you want me to work on your back. I’m available and this is a good time.
    As far as how to best parent those twins (or do anything else): stay as a branch connected to the Vine. The branch cannot bear fruit itself unless it is connected to the Vine.

  3. Sally and Asher,
    Here is some of the best advice that Nathan and I were given from PaCliff (Nathan’s grandfather, who is also a physican). You know you and you will know your children. When you are not sure about raising them. Go back to your roots, God will show you and so will you gut. Follow those instincts and you will do a wonderful job in raising your boys. I cant wait to see you. We will be seeing you next week,. We can meet everyone. Take care of yourself. Remember you are just as important as those boys are. When you have stregth, they will be happier. Your nights will get better. Enjoy the moments. Trace Adkins has a song out “Your goin’n Miss This” Try not to miss a thing. 🙂 Even if it is a little less sleep.

  4. Hi Sally! Thank God for His amazing strength, glad you are feeling better and getting help from others! Let me know if I can ever help. Don’t worry about what to do, just love them, and do what you and your husband believe is best for them throughout each stage. You are right, there are a lot of ideas out there, and frankly, God’s not impressed with one more than the other – simply love and obey Him with your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and in turn, whatever you do with your children will be right in His eyes – the only eyes that matter!!! As for the practical application of that though – do whatever works for YOU…YOU are their mom, you will be doing most of the work! LOL! Love ya, Rachel Maes

  5. it was great to see you guys at church last week. you guys are champions. your boys are precious. and i look forward to keeping up with them as they grow…keep posting!

  6. girlfriend- how are ya? so good to see you the other day even if it was for five minutes. we’ll have to hang soon, which means my children oogling over the babies. hmmm… maybe just i will come over..

    love ya girl- you’re gonna be great parents, by the way . you already are.

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