One of my good friends said those last pictures look so sad. So, I thought I might explain a few things to all you parents of singletons…it’s called delayed gratification. Babies are not to fond of it and don’t understand why they have to wait to be fed or changed while mom cares for their sibling with the same exact desires. So, that is why we see the sad faces often. They are however brief, and easily remedied. This last week we have been enjoying seeing their newly found smiles and expressions and also hearing their cooing sounds. It is so sweet. So don’t worry, our boys aren’t really sad, just learning patience at a very young age. Here’s some pics to prove it!


4 thoughts on “Explanation…

  1. Wow guys~the boys look amazing! Things are probably coming together (much to your relief) and starting to feel like “this” is doable. I kinda got that from Sally’s trek to Sam’s. So happy for you guys, and we’re hear to tell you it just keeps getting better! Keep up the good work! Love to all of you!

  2. soooo cute. I love that their little personalities are coming out. I got your message today and I will call you back soon.

  3. They will smile at some point, you are right it is a learning curve for them. It was good to see ya’ll. Hope you can come visit this way when the boys get bigger.

  4. I love my (our) little grandmen. They are so so adorably cute. The amazing love that God has blessed me with to love my children is that same love that just runs over to my grandchildren. They are just yummy. Sally and Asher are doing a great job.

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