things I love…

My boys have discovered each other! It started a couple weeks ago when they held hands while nursing for the first time, since then they play with eachothers hands and hold them pretty much every time they eat. Today, even sweeter, I held the boys real close so they could see each other, and Ezekiel had the biggest smiles as he stared strait at his brother, even when I was speaking to them he didn’t break his gaze and many smiles for his womb mate. I’m not sure that Ben smiled back at him, but Ezekiel’s face was just so bright and lit up with love for his partner, it was such a sight to see.

Another funny thing is when Ben is looking up at me while feeding, if I talk to him he attempts to talk back to me with his mouth full!  It’s really funny.  He has began cooing on his own in his bouncy seat with no promting, it is sweet to hear.

I think Zek will be the first to make little boy noises, he seems like he already does sometimes with grunts and grrrs like  a little monster.  He has really began smiling a lot more this week.  I did get one night this week with a 5 hour stretch, it felt greeeat.  Zek did a 5 hour stretch again last night only because I took a gamble of not waking him up with Ben.  So I think we’re on our way, just not any consistency yet.

Pray for sleepy travels, we’re on our way to Roswell this weekend…


6 thoughts on “things I love…

  1. Hi Sally,

    Great post! I fondly remember those days of them holding hands while nursing together; as weird as it sounds, get a picture of it- really. I’m so glad you got a 5 hour stretch at least one night!! Yayy. Have a great trip, I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  2. From what I read, that’s not the only thing they’ll share. One MoM from the Gemini said she walked into the bathroom to find her five year old boys taking turns peeing on each other in the bathtub! What did we sign up for Sally?!? Ahhh, boys!

  3. The boys are such an amazing gift from God. It’s like unwrapping that present a little at a time just getting a little peak at every unvailing, the moment of eye contact, cooing, smiling, and oh so much love, a perfect gift from God our father.

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