twins are contagious…

Yes, that’s right, it’s not genetics, it’s contagious. That’s right, our little twins club just got bigger, and closer to home, real close, really really close… I sent an email to some of you, but I cannot resist sharing this with the rest of you… My brother is expecting TWINS!!! Yes, my brother and his wife are 3 months pregnant with identical twins which are not genetic (according to books I read.) So therefore it is contagious and you all better watch out!!! And no, I did not actually pray that they would have twins (like my previous blog said I would), but we are thrilled they are joinning the wonderful world of twins. Yes it’s hard, but it is fun and they are beautiful. To prove I am not being sarcastic, check out these new photos and tell me what you think!


3 thoughts on “twins are contagious…

  1. That is so awesome! I think it’s great that you guys will be there for each other in your world of twins. It’s also crazy to think that between your two families there will soon be 5 babies. Wow!

  2. Sally-this is awesome! I can’t even believe it!! WOW!

    Let’s get together soon! Maybe you and the boys and Sarah and the boys and me and my girl(singular!) can do a Dion’s date!!

    Love you!

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