Welcome back my friend…

SLEEP!! My long lost pal is back. Whether it be for a week or for good, I am thankful.   Just in time for all those potential disruptions like shots and growth spurts at 4 months..  The boys slept 9 hours last night!!! In a row, with no feeding!!!!  It was amazing.  They had been doing five, then six, seven, then eight, now 9!!  I know the books consider 5 hours sleeping through the night, but not me.  8-9 hours is what I call a good nights rest (for me), so for them, I know it’s getting much better.  Ben started rolling  last week, at 15 weeks.  The boys will be 4 months on the 25th.  Zek likes to stand, and for such a little guy, he goes from laying to sitting to standing just by holding your fingers.  They are both doing great, smiling, cooing (Zek has chosen to prrr or growl instead of coo), they are interactive and playful and beautiful.  From the home scale, Ben weighs 10.5 and Zek weighs 10 pounds.  So they have both almost doubled their weight.  We are still breastfeeding which I have grown to love despite the difficulties and challenges, I am thankful for that time with my boys.  I love to look down at them and see them looking up at me, or holding hands.  They are getting in the destractable phase though, every little noise distracts them from eating, including me talking to anyone or them, it is cute though.  Their naps are getting a little better, today that is. Zek is known in our house as the 30 minute man.  Not 29, not 31, most naps are exactly 30 minutes.  Sometimes I can get him back to sleep sometimes not.  Nap #1 today was about 45 min, which is great.  So today, I fee l I can conquer the world. My husband fixed our washing machine, I got more sleep then I have in 4 months, my boys are sleeping in the same room for a nap right now, life is good.   It’s funny all those things you try in the name of survival to get them to sleep, then when they do, you have no idea if it’s just their time or any of the quirky things, ie: the humidifier serving as white noise? sleeping in their own bed? different bedtime? more wake time?????who knows, we will probably just keep the quirks just in case….


6 thoughts on “Welcome back my friend…

  1. Yayy!!! congratulations. You sound refreshed and I’m so happy for you all. Yikes, how did your milkers feel after 9 hours though? Ouch. Keep in touch 🙂

  2. I can’t believe they are already 4 months! We need to see them again! And I am so glad you are getting some well-deserved rest. Best wishes! See you soon, Amanda

  3. So happy for you! Sleep makes all the difference doesn’t it?! I have been wondering how you’re doing and how the boys are. Glad to hear everyone is well! I got your email and I’m up for lunch but out of town this week. Maybe we can try for next week sometime! Here’s hoping the sleeping streak continues! Talk to you soon.
    Love, Sarah

  4. That is awesome! I woke up just this morning and was wondering how you guys are doing and how the boys are sleeping. I’m so glad you are on the road toward better sleep.

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