My boys

They had their 4 month check up Friday and weighed in: Ben 9lb 14oz and Zek 9lb 13 oz!! They both are 23 inches long. So Zek had no problem catching his younger brother.  They also got their shots, and as I suspected, the combo of that and perhaps the “4 month growth spurt,” has disrupted my beautiful long nights sleep. So alas last night was back to the newborn stage… hopefully it will be short lived.  They are beautiful though, their smiles, out loud laughs, discovering their fingers and toes and toys, it’s so fun to watch.  They are so cuddly, and yet as a friend of twins reminded me, they will soon be more on the move than now.  Ben rolls over like a pro, and mostly does not mind to spend time on his belly looking around, he also is pushing up with his feet already, letting us know it will not be long till we are really chasing after him.  Zek is still content to make his discoveries from his back, but when he does get discontent you simply have to pull him to his feet where he stands with minimal assistance and a proud chest.


7 thoughts on “My boys

  1. This sounds SO familiar to me,..Abe on the go and Ben content as can be! IOur boys are too much alike! love that you are coming into this “fun” time with your boys. This was an amazing time for me too! I’m sure they are just cute as can be. I miss seeing you guys and am trying to set up a time with Jenn next Thursday or Friday for lunch. Are you available for either day? We can do it at my house so we’ll have all the “twin” items on hand! Ha! Talk to you soon. Love, Sarah

  2. Hey Sally,

    Hope everything is going well at your house, we’re so glad to hear that everyone is back in town, we are still praying for the baby girls and Chris and Kelly. I bet Sasha is excited to have them back.
    Keep in touch when you can!

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