A Columbus Day Miracle

Or should I say, “How to save an I-phone?’  This past Friday my iphone took a little swim, it jumped right out my back pocket and dove right in just like Michael Phelps!  As you could imagine my horror, and fear of my big black husband…  I reached right in and grabbed it out.  Then in true ER fashion, I tore off the cover and surface dried it, shook the water out as though ringing the cowbell (see the application store), then proceeded to blow dry it for the next 10 minutes, facing the blow dryer towards all those little holes.   Seeing my screen flash on and off as a patient fighting for its life, I felt it was probably a done deal.  I called my brother in the room as I sat on the bed holding my dear friends life in my hands (yes it was that dramatic.)  He saw the look on my face and just gave me a hug.  Then he sprang to action searching the internet for some sort of saving hope, to no avail.   In one bloggers wise words, “If you haven’t dropped your I-phone in the toilet, don’t do it.”  So, we turned it off hoping not to fry anything that was trying to work (another bloggers wisdom.)  And didn’t turn it back on until Asher got home that evening.  I bought him a really cool hoodie to ease the pain of telling him, it kinda worked too.  Then, when Asher came home he took it really well, very gracious.  Then he turned it on and was surprised that it mostly worked.  And as the night progressed, it got better.  The next couple days the screen remained pretty cloudy on parts. Then, by day four, the screen had completely cleared up and everything but the camera worked, it was a Columbus day miracle!!!

Let’s review these life saving steps:

1. Don’t hesitate, just reach right in and grab it!!

2.  Try to turn you power off immediately.

3  Tear off any cover and surface dry.

4.  Shake it to get any excess water out (hang on tight, this plan only works if you don’t also throw your i-phone across the room.)

5. Proceed to blow dry it near the holes on low heat low air.  Do this for about 10 minutes switching sides half way through.

6. Leave it off for as long as you can stand it.

7. Buy your spouse, (or yourself if your single) something to ease the pain if this doesn’t work.


3 thoughts on “A Columbus Day Miracle

  1. you are totally making me pee my pants.. oh, and when the boys get older, watch out for THEM. grayson likes to throw things in the toilet. he also likes to CHEW on my cell phone as if he were a dog. good thing its a cheap one…oh and that pic of the boys, SO freaking cute

  2. hahahah, i am so glad i’m not the only one who has done something like this. i have little stripes going across my phone, or should i say, steve’s old phone.

  3. This is hilarious. I also see two kinds of gifts developing in you:
    1. Comedy writer (where did this come from and what kind of books have you been reading?).
    2. Domestic (your ‘saving steps’ sound like a recipe).

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