My big boys

img_8092Look at those beautiful brown eyes.  Sweet little Ben will melt hearts.  Their personalities have really bloomed the last month.  Zek has began making all kinds of noises, boy noises that is, grunts, growls, screams and roars, he has found his voice and is excited about it.  Ben has been making new faces by putting his lips over his gums.  They are eating cereal twice a day now, and it didn’t take them but a few times to get the hang of it.  They laugh and roll and stand (with assistance,) Zek is close to sitting unassisted.  They are fun and beautiful.  They are finally sleeping again, from about 8:30pm to 4am, then after being fed until about 7am or so, it feels great, kind-of, my body is still adjusting. 


3 thoughts on “My big boys

  1. oh they are too cute! i can’t wait to see them. i got your message a week or so ago, sorry i haven’t called you back… loooooong week. i’ll call soon. 🙂

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