Time is now flyin’

The boys had their 6 month checkup last Wednesday and everything checked out great. Their height and head size are about 25th percentile, but they’re only 3rd percentile for weight, my pueny little boys (with big heads…jk) they weighed in at : Ben, 11.12lbs 25.25in, and Zek 12.10lbs 25.25in!! That’s right little Zek who was a whopping 4.11lbs at birth has passed his brother up who was 5.12lbs at birth. They are a growin’. They are so cute and so much fun. They’ve been taking consistent great naps for the last two weeks, for the first time ever. Our nights have got a little crazy again though, it was ever since I wrote that blog that they were sleeping great…hmmmm so I’m not sure how to tweak things to get them to sleep better. It’s crazy how one aspect gets great and the other falls apart. O well, I’m sure things will change by the time you read this! Ben is doing the army crawl and getting anything he sees and wants within his range, the visions of plastic corners and cabinet locks dance in my head… Zek is still working on his full roll, he can go from stomach to back but has only gone back to stomach a stealthy few times. He still loves to stand and lunge and they both love to jump in their jump toys. Why haven’t I been blogging more now that they have been napping more you ask? So much to do, so little time. That’s all for now…

Z Fly Boy

Z Fly Boy



This is how we roll

This is how we roll

Proud papa

He never could of imagined...


2 thoughts on “Time is now flyin’

  1. Oh my gosh, how cute! I love their little hats and nicknames 🙂 I can’t wait until you come over tomorrow- I hope they’ll have fun in some new “containment devices” – they are a life saver for getting things done around the house once the twins are more mobile!
    See you-

  2. Thanks for the update. Those boys must have been beaten with an “adorable” stick! Or something. Just put them in a plastic hamster toy, and they’ll be safe and out of the way when needed! They’d do well as “bubble boys”!

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