Happy New Year

My friends and family,

My Christmas letter turned into a Happy Holidays letter, which turned into a Bringing in the New Year letter, which now has become a blog simply to update everyone. We in the multiples world refer to that as “twin time.” We give ourselves an extra measure of time and grace for the extra blessing of children that has been bestowed upon us. Indeed, our lives were forever changed this past May 25th, as our two beautiful boys entered the world. Ezekiel James and Benjamin Asher decided to make their debut through the side-door (c-section) despite our long day of labor. Those next four months were the toughest, probably of our lives. Adjusting to not just one, but two infants, proved to be a test in perseverance among other things. As my mom summed it up,

“The boys are such an amazing gift from God. It’s like unwrapping that present a little at a time just getting a little peak at every unveiling, the moment of eye contact, cooing, smiling, and oh so much love, a perfect gift from God our father.”

We also want to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for all the generosity extended to us and our doubling family. The gifts, hand-downs, and extended hours of diaper changing truly showed God’s provision for two overwhelmed first-time parents. I planned to write each of you a nice little thank-you note, but again, the extra measure of grace will allow this letter to suffice.

Around 5 months, things began to settle, and around 6 months the joy overtook the exhaustion, as the boys began to nap and sleep better at night. We also entered a season of developing personalities, playfulness and interaction that truly rewards a parents heart for all the time and tears put in. The laughter and new sounds, the jumping, the rolling, the eating, all have been so much fun. We truly feel blessed to have been given these precious little lives into our care. Currently Benjamin is officially on the move with his army crawl, and Ezekiel sits all by himself. As we enter 2009, we can truly speak with excitement when we say, watching our boys grow is an amazing adventure.

On a more somber note, our family has been reminded of the brevity and fragility of life here on this earth through Mikaila Celeste and Grace Christian Koehlinger. They were born on November 20th, at 27 weeks, to my brother Chris and his wife Kelly. Kelly served time on bedrest at our house before and after they traveled to Ohio to have surgery done on their unborn twins girls who had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Mikaila was with us for less than a day, and yet God has used her life in so many ways. One of those ways is the reminder that we are all His. He is the author and Creator of this and all life. Grace Christian now continues to remind us that every day is given by God as she fights for every breath that we know is being given to her personally by God. Please continue to pray for her to grow in health and strength. Pray for Chris and Kelly and Sasha as they remain in Albuquerque until Grace is able to come home with them.

This next year as the adventure continues, you can keep up with us by reading our blog at http://www.asherandsally.com We’ll do our best to keep those pictures coming. We’d love to hear from you so leave us your comments. You can also email us at asherandsally@yahoo.com or through our Facebook pages. If you’re not sure what any of that means, you simply can write a good ol’ fashioned letter or give us a call!

We hope this has reached you all in good health and continual dependence on our great God. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Love The Barrett Crew, Asher, Sally, Ezekiel and Benjamin


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Sally- The boys are getting so big. I’m glad you made it through the first six months. It does get easier. Our twins are now 6 and a half. Gary really wanted to try for a boy, so we got brave and are pregnant again. Ultrasound shows only ONE this time. Can’t yet tell if we got our boy. The twins will be 7 when the baby gets here. This is it! No more! The children are a blessing, however I know my limits. I am glad everything is going well for you, Asher and the boys. Chris and Kelly and their family are in our prayers. God has a purpose for everything we go though. Even if we don’t understand it. Have a great 2009!

  2. Sally & Asher, you too have such a great family. i know those little boys are in the best hands. GOD bLess

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