O my sleep where art thou?

img_8474Ben cut his first tooth Tuesday night, during the night, all night…    Zek has his second cold, Ben has his first cold.  They are bad colds by my standards, it sounds so horrible to hear little babies cough so bad.  All of this happened while the boys and I were in Angel Fire with my parents.  I did get to snowboard one day though, which I was very pleased to know “I still got it!”   “It” being my passion to ride the mountain, fast and dangerously.  (No mom, not quite as “pre-twins” dangerously.)  So, despite the little sleep which was close to newborn sleep stage, I had a lot of fun, I even came home with a souvenir, a little shiner on my left eye.  This would be the second time I have got a black eye while snowboarding.   Asher gets some stares when we’re out in public, I wonder what they’re thinking?  🙂

Here’s some fun pics of the boys of late…

Did I mention that both the boys have been saying “dada” for the last two weeks?  And Ben has begun the rocking motion in the crawl position…any day now he’ll be unstoppable.


3 thoughts on “O my sleep where art thou?

  1. Oh lordy, I can’t believe you have kids, much less twins. They are absolutley adorable. I can remember when asher and you took nursrey and you taked to the kids like they were your dog, in a nice “come here puppy” kind of way of course 🙂

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