O my blog…

If only I blogged as many times as I thought of blogging, or had little clever things to blog about…you would have much more reading to do.  I’ve started so many blogs in my head…

Anyway, better to have blogged and lost than never to have blogged at all.

Last week, the boys and I enjoyed a free Grand Slam from uncle Denny. It was the first time the boys and I went out to eat at a restaurant by ourselves!  The things people will do for a free meal!  They did great however, I felt as though it was the first date of many

they would take me on.  They were very gentlemanly, not too demanding,  just ate their bananas and cheerios while I ate my Grand Slam along with thousands of other Americans.  In case you didn’t catch one, it was a promotion from Denny’s Restaurant last Tuesday to bring their customers back, they offered everyone in America a free Grand Slam. Yes, I ate all of it, 2 pancakes, 2 sausages, 2 pieces of bacon, and 2 eggs. I have quite the appetite these days keeping the boys and myself fed.

This weekend we all went to Angel Fire and Ezekiel was rewarded for waking up early from his nap with his first snowmobile ride.  Grandpa drove Zek while Chris and Sasha and Grandma and I sled down the mountain.  It was a lot of fun.   When Ben finally awoke I dressed him up and just the two of us went

Mom and Ben

outside and we played and layed in the snow and watched the tree tops blow above us.  That seems to be about the pace of my boys, mellow Ben and energetic Zek.  But I don’t dare try to peg them, I know just as soon as I do they’ll switch roles on me.  Ben will get his first ride next time.

We truly have so much fun together.  I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my boys to not miss a second of their lives and development, thanks to my husband who works very hard to make that a possibility.  I also am blessed to see him as a father interact and recieve joy as his sons grow, (and  continue to say”dada” and not “mama!”)

Grandpa Koehlinger and Zek

Chris and Sasha

One thought on “O my blog…

  1. I’m glad to hear about how much fun you have with the boys. You seem like such a great mom! They’re lucky to have both you and Asher!

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