An update on Grace from the Koehlingers

Loved Ones, We continue to be amazed at the love and support we receive daily from you all. Our prayers are continually being answered as Grace continues to grow and love life. Today, February 17th, is the date we were given for Grace and Makaila’s due date. It seems like just yesterday when we held Makaila in our arms and had to say goodbye to her and it still feels that way emotionally. She has such a place in our hearts that cannot be described. We continue to rely on God’s promises and know that one day we will see her again. As of today, Grace is now considered “term” which still astounds us considering this Friday she will be three months old. I apologize for not updating you all on her status recently, as it has been almost a month since our last update. While I was busy thinking that nothing has really changed a whole lot, Grace has grown almost two pounds to her current weight of 5lbs 10ozs, 17.5 inches in length and is definitely cuter than ever. She hasn’t had any real issues with anything, just eating and growing. We have been bottle feeding her and Kelly has been breast feeding her several times a day. So why are we still here? Well, we’re getting close. Grace is eating well but she has yet to take a whole feed on her own. Typically she eats about half of her full feed more or less with some exceptions and the rest goes through the feeding tube. She has good eating days and some not so good. Once she can take her full feeds and do it regularly we will be good to go. She is still on the basic oxygen assistance but that’s not really a big concern at this point. They have told us from the beginning that most likely she would go home on oxygen especially because we live at high altitude. So or prayer at this point is that she would get stronger and continue to increase her intake of food. Other than that, she is doing quite well. Grace moved out of her isolet and into a big girl crib a few weeks ago. The nurses have begun making a point to try and create a similar environment for her as she will have at home. One of those things is covering her bed from the light at night and allowing light in during the daytime. We long await the day we take her home and Sasha gets to meet her and interact with her. We miss our friends and home and believe it or not, working. Any sort of routine would be nice. Blessings to you all, see you soon. Chris, Kelly, Sasha, and Grace


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