9 Months Old!!

Silly boys

Silly boys

So nine months have passed, and I’m really no better at keeping this updated, I think I get so overwhelmed with all the pictures and memories we’re making that I just don’t even know which to post!  Then the moment passes and I have pictures that I want to post from months ago! grrrrr  Guess I’ll post ’em anyways…

The boys are 9 months old! Their birthday is just around the corner haunting me as their baby looks and ways are disappearing and what’s in it’s place are new noises and mimicking and screams and motion, and emotion.  I love it all, well maybe not the really loud screaming.  Ben began pulling up on furniture recently, no accidents to report yet.  Zek still has no teeth, but it looks like he might start crawling backwards if he must crawl at all.  If it were up to him he’d skip to running!  We are all doing great and truly enjoying each other.

On a side note, Grace is HOME!! She’s doing great, she still could use your prayers for her acid reflux and digestive issues, we are all very grateful for your prayers.  She’s a beautiful little baby that we all can enjoy now as part of our family.


6 thoughts on “9 Months Old!!

  1. What handsome little boys! They are starting to look so different from each other and are showing so much personality. They are at such a fun age, I wish I was there to see them in person.

  2. Hey Sally,

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, the blog is great and we all love seeing the pictures, but we ALL know how busy you are! They are getting really big really fast. I think Zek’s hair is hilarious. How is time change going for you? Isn’t it lovely when you are trying to keep babies on a routine/schedule? Ugh…
    Are you going to the garage sale on Friday night?

  3. You have the most beautiful babies! I can’t believe how much they have grown and changed! You guys are doing a great job with them. Keep up the good work.

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