Life in fast forward

Read my shirt

Read my shirt

A lot has happened in the past two weeks, both boys began pulling up on anything and everything.  They quickly discovered they could move around furniture this way as well as transfer to other furniture.  Their confidence grew as they realized a fall here or there on the rump wasn’t so bad.  This has made nap and bed time a little more interesting.  It’s been quite entertaining to watch on the video monitor the boys playing through the bars of the crib, laughing, standing, sitting, pulling hair and steeling toys and pacifiers.

Zek cut his first tooth, on top, and it looks like the 2nd is right behind. He also has crawled a few times, very reluctantly however, when we tell him good job he puts his head on the floor and cries.  He has stood a few seconds unassisted, I know the days of easy containment are long gone.

Ben’s hair is officially unruley.  I tried to make a combover while it was soaking wet and 2 seconds later it poped back up into curls.  He is such a character with his funny faces and laughs.  On several occasions he has pulled himself up on nothing but the wall.  He sure loves to explore.

We’re having a lot of fun with the boys, we are a little more tired trying to keep up with them though.  We have taken them on bike rides in a bike trailor, they sleep most of the time.  We bought a tent and are ready to take them camping this summer…O what fun we are going to have! We are so blessed.  O by the way, the boys are TEN months old tomorrow!! Happy 10 months my beautiful boys.


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