My little Zek, prounounced Zeek



One of the many expressions...

One of the many expressions...

As I wrote previously, nap times have become interesting with the boys newly discovered freedom in their beds.  They crawl, stand, trade pacifiers, steel lovies, laugh and play.  For those of you who might not know or remember, we have an “L” shaped crib that has a divider in the middle of crib bars, so obviously, the kids can interact first hand.

A couple days ago I heard Ben waking up, so I looked at the video monitor to watch his next actions.  He reached through the bars and patted Zek’s face a few times (who was soundly sleeping) before taking the pacifier out of Zek’s mouth and putting  it in his own.  I was laughing so hard that I wasn’t even concerned about the fact that he had just woke his brother up from a nap.  It was really funny.  Zek let out  an initial cry, but then realized it was time to play and sprung to all fours.

Today, I was listening distantly after putting the boys down for a nap, and I kept hearing a rhythmic pattern of: “thud, waaah.”  My curriousity was peaked as this continued for a while, so I grabbed the all-telling video monitor and watched…Zek was asleep sitting up!   He was doing the “church nod”  you all know what I’m talking about, head droops down lower, lower, lower, then baam, snap up to attention, then it starts again.  Well, the “thud” was his legs hitting the crib when he would snap back to attention, the waah was the slight arousal out of sleep for a split second.  It was hilarious.  Me being the nice mommy I am, wanted to help, and perhaps sneek a picture of this classic moment, so I crept in and just watched the action, before I could get the picture though, he snapped back so hard that he fell all the way backwards this time and hit his head on the back of the crib which fully awoke him and made him really cry.  So then I comforted him instead of a picture, hopefully you got the mental picture just now…


He so knows how cute he is

Zek also has been fully crawling for about a week now, no army crawling for him, he does a very robotic like crawl in perfect position, it’s very cute.  He is very happy now to be moving and able to follow Ben or go somewhere completely different.  He has cut two teeth on the top also.

We had a checkup this week also, Zek weighed 15lbs 14oz, 28″; Ben weighed 16lbs 6oz, 27.5“.  Even though this is an ode to Zek, I couldn’t help but put a pic of Ben, look at those eyes!  He also cut one tooth on top this week, and cracked the dr (and everyone else) up with his silly little chuckle.

Putting puppy dogs to shame

Putting puppy dogs to shame


2 thoughts on “My little Zek, prounounced Zeek

  1. wow! what a challenge having two… but also so much fun for them to both have a little buddy. They are so cute and it looks like full of personality 🙂 !!!

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