Our first birthday

Our boys turn one year old today. May 25th.  What a year.  It seems fast, and yet so full of so many memories.  Bringing them home from the hospital, those crazy first few months, have been replaced with smiles and teeth and laughter and fun.  Both boys

When we started...

are “free standing” fairly easy and often now,  scaling furniture with ease and crawling very quickly.  They each have 5 teeth and the next one on its way…they both say mama and dada.  They can sign “more” and “all done,” but would rather say words that sound like it instead.  They laugh out loud, give kisses and hugs.  They are so much fun and joy. Ben’s our little chatterbox and Zek is mister observative, nothing get’s by him.

We started the day with 2 blueberry muffins wearing 1 candle each, a birthday song, and the freedom to devour a muffin unrestrained, all in our birthday suits.   Zek in his professor like manner, studied the muffin, and took it carefully apart piece by piece, eating it neatly with a minimal mess. Ben on the other hand immediately squished the entire muffin in both hands and double fisted bites into his mouth, and the floor and his chair and all over his tray.  They are very different and equally perfect.  Next we opened our birtday baskets from Grandma and Grandpa Barrett, it was fun

to see the boys discover their baskets and all it’s contents.  We went out to lunch at Sagios, and then to the Isotopes game.  Lot’s of fun.

Happy Birthday my beautiful boys.  You are truly a joy we never new before.


ben with muffin

Zek the Professor

Birthday fun!

Birthday Fun!


4 thoughts on “Our first birthday

  1. super cute! I bet it is so fun to have two at once and to be able to see their different personalities unfold at the same time.

  2. Happy Birthday Boy’s!!!! It goes fast. Our girls will be 7 in about a week and a half. Enjoy the small stuff. I’m glad the boys had a good first year.

  3. Sally, the little red train in the “gift opening” picture is the exact train that Coden has and loves to play with. I thought that was cute and had to tell you. Your boys are so handsome! Love ya.

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