First Camping Trip

Eskimo Ben

Finally, I know you’ve been waiting to hear…some of you are reading in disbelief, others are reading in anticipation of the crazy stories I will tell… yes, we did take our two 1 year olds tent camping!  We went with my brother, his wife Kelly, Sasha (2) and baby Grace.  Well, to start off, a raccoon ate our fajitas, does that satisfy your desire for some crazy story?  We were robbed by a raccoon in the rain.  Yes rain. It rained for days it seems. I think it was the only  rain we’ve gotten all year.  We went to Jemez Falls and camped 2 nights in a tent with our boys.

The first night went flawless, they slept like normal, Ben in his little tent in the vestibule of our tent, and Zek at my feet (he didn’t move all night!)  But it was hard in the day to either hold them, or keep them from eating dirt, which they do, or getting wet from the rain, which they did.  My brothers jeep has a nice roll down window and was parked in the right spot to be a little playyard for the boys and their cousin Sasha.

We went for a hike to the San Antonio Hot Springs during the day, which are beautiful, though I did not see them this time, it began to rain and we felt too uncertain to continue with the weather (ok, we were really tired of each carrying a kid.)  But it was fun anyway.  The second night was not as smooth, the boys woke up more often and I had the nagging sense of guilt towards our unsuspecting neighbors who camped next to us after dark.  Those tent walls hold no sound in.  The hardest part was keeping the boys warm and dry and occupied.  The most fun part was how they just seemed to enjoy being out there regardless.  One funny memory will be how Zek was entranced with dandelions.  Every time I would turn around he was grabbing them and eating them.  I spoke harshly, flicked his hand, removed all visible dandelions, and without fail, he would find another and stick it in his mouth.  He was relentless!!  I was comforted by the knowledge they are edible…

We had fun and are going to do it again! Hopefully less rain this time, we are going next weeked to Ute lake.  There will be lots more hands to help this time though, so I’m looking forward to it.

Keeping Zek outta trouble

Keeping Zek outta trouble

Three bugs in a rug

Three bugs in a rug
Dandi Zek
Eskimo Zek

One thought on “First Camping Trip

  1. Hello! I’m so excited for them having their first camping trip!! You guys are brave. Timothy and I went camping with a few others during the rain storm too. We were at Morphy Lake. It was hard (especially because we got the worst part of a cold at that time too!) but it was fun. That was only us though! This encourages me and Lord willing, someday we can take our little ones too :0)

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