I know how to say "yummy"

I know how to say "yummy"

Under my desk is fun

Under my desk is fun

The boys had a lot of firsts lately.  They both took their first stepslast week!  They both received their first spankings! Ben got his first injury induced bloody nose,  Zek his first fat lip, also with blood.  They ate their first strawberries (whole.)  They tried to use bowls (short lived.)  They also like to feed themselves with a spoon, they are quite good actually.   I dip then hand it to them, they put it in their mouth and hand it back to me for more, I don’t know how other mom’s do it, I just kinda made this up to minimize mess for now.

They are quite the characters these days.  It’s so amazing how much they’re changing and how fast.  They are understanding so much now.  Ben is quite the mimic, he says just about anything you say, and he knows it when he does it.  Zek shouts his proud few accomplished phrases like “all done!”  Even though he is not always all done.   They both give kisses, Zek more often and deliberately though.  Ben has been deliberate in giving Zek love lately.  It was the sweetest thing  a mom could see, pushing around the double seater cart at Costco, while Ben put his arm around Zek and leaned into him, Zek then rubbed Ben’s head.  It was so SWEET!  Zek will usually give kisses on command, but Ben not as much, so this was really special.  Ben did give Elmo hugs the other night though on command.  They are so much fun.  Hope you like the pics:

Ben taking steps

Ben taking steps


Mr. Noodle


Look at all my teeth!


More of those big, juicy red things please!


Helping Daddy prepare to lead worship


First try at keeping bowls upright, how we doing?


2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Get ready for the whirlwind!!! The fun is only beginning, all the chasing, tending to injuries. It’s great, though. How boring would life be without those handsome boys!??

  2. They are adorable!!!!! It looks like they have enough differences in their features that they can’t play too many tricks on people as they get older, so that is good :0) How Cute!!!!

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