Full Speed

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threebabesBen's first horsey ride

Ben's first horsey ride

Zek started walking full time last week, so both boys are on the move now. Full. Speed. All. The. Time.  They chase eachother, they chase us, we chase them.  It is a lot of fun. I am really tired.  Ben can repeat most anything we say, some of our favorites are “tickle, tickle” and “bible.”  Zek is really good with signs, my favorite is “love” and both boys can sign the answer to the question, “How much does momma/daddy/ Jesus, love you?”  They respond with arms up in the air (This Much).  It’s precious.  All the sudden about two weeks ago they started understanding just about everything we say, it seemed so sudden.  They are resembling more and more little boys and less and less the babies we brought home 13 months ago.

They wave, they give fives, they give knuckles and kisses, they laugh, they play.  They love to go outside and cry to come inside. We took a walk in the rain the other night and they stayed wrapped in blankets in their stroller seats, it was really cute.

A little update since the last post, (which seems like years ago), is that we took camping trip #2 and it was MUCH better.  We went to Ute Lake with a bunch of family and friends.  It only rained at night, so we played in the water during the day, the boys loved it.  It did require a bit of a learning curve though.  The first night we put the boys to bed in our tent and they fell asleep great. Sounds good right?  A couple hours later we climbed in the tent thinking we would gently move them to their respective spots in the tent, here’s where things went awry.  They woke up and FREAKED out.  They would not stop screaming.  We tried everything and finally as a last resort Asher got out and made them a bed in the back of our fourrunner, we put them in and they cried a little more but then went to sleep.  So, it turns out they’re a little spoiled having their own space and all, and did not want to share a tent with us.  After we figured that out things went much more smoothly.  They took their first boat ride, on which they fell asleep within 2 minutes of beginning. Mom and dad got to wakeb0ard and jetski.  We had a lot of fun and want to do it again. Soon.

We also went to Angel Fire for the fourth of July, our family tradition.  Ben got to ride his first pony ride, Zek wasn’t feeling well, so Ben had center stage.  He was so calm and kept this fish face expression the whole time which we figured must be his look of concentration.

Hope you like the pics!


One thought on “Full Speed

  1. Just jumped over here from FB. Wow and wow again! I went back through your pregnancy pics. Might I just say…you pregnant with twins is just me, pregnant. You’re a stunner and the entire family, too.

    You’re great with your blogging. On one of the early days you talked about how you would think of it but not do it, or think of it but didn’t feel so clever, and then finally you just decided to do it. That’s me for the last few years. I will get there….one day.

    Personally, I think your blog is awesome. You give real info, great pics and a wonderful sense of you! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!!! God bless you, Asher, Ben and Zek! I’ll keep checkin’ in…..

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