Life’s Funnies

mom and Ben at the Lake, just walkin

mom and Ben at the Lake, just walkin

O the funny moments we have shared lately, I will try to convey them to you, although I know it will fall short.
We have recently been trying to teach the “inside voice” concept to the boys, for you that have felt the ear piercing screams of toddlers, you know why.  I had only talked about this concept with the boys once at this point, so you can imagine our surprise when we were in the car with the grandparents and the boys were particularly loud, I said “Zek, use your inside voice.”  His interpretation of this was to scream shorter instead of quieter. So his Ahhhhhhh, went to a Ah. It was really cute, and hard to put into writing, but we were so impressed at his understanding after only talking about it once. Yes, what I’m actually saying is that my children are geniuses.
Next on the funny list, is one of those video monitor moments. The boys still sleep in their L shaped crib, with the divider in the middle that they can still reach through and touch, grab, pull, etc through. This one particular nap they were playing loudly so I began watching on the monitor and I watched Ben tickling Zek through the bars and saying “tickle tickle!” It was soo cute that they know how to play like that. That’s also one of my favorite words Ben says, but one of the many that he is saying these days. He will repeat just about anything. And usually he’ll say what I tell him (unless people are watching of coarse). Today he said “sorry” at my request for knocking brother over, he says “diaper” quite clearly, he tries to say “chicken” and “popsicle” and he gets the syllables right, so they usually sound pretty close. Among his other talents, Ben also learned how to walk backwards, it’s quite impressive actually. Zek wrinkles his nose and sniffs to say he has boogies in there. They both are running and growling and howling and will usually give you “knuckles” if you stick your hand out. Ben imitates noises also, one day he made this new noise and I realized he was imitating the garbage truck outside.

Speaking of outside, it’s often a drama to get them back inside, but it sure is fun to go outside and watch their wonder with the smallest and simplest of things. Including the water hose discovery this past week. Zek was holding it in Ben’s face unintentionally and Ben was just gasping for air not knowing what was happening to him. We didn’t catch that on video but we did catch Ben doing it to Zek later, again unitentionally, and the look of shock on Zek’s face as the water hit him. It was great fun, thanks Uncle Chris Lively for that.

We made another trip to the lake recently, and that first night was just as brutal. But after that it was fine.  We will be taking our first plane ride with the boys at the end of August, it’s a short trip to Denver, we’ll see if I still like to fly after that.  Enjoy the pics!

me and Elmo

me and Elmo

His only curls are in the back

His only curls are in the back

dare me to turn it on? dare me to turn it on?
He smiles so easy

He's usually smiling


2 thoughts on “Life’s Funnies

  1. They are getting so big! The boys are adorable. Can you believe how fast the time flies when they are growing up. I can not tell who is who. I love all the little things that they do –

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