2 years strong

We now have 2 two year olds. That is both exilerating and exhausting. They are so much fun, so full of wonder. They constantly surprise us and make us laugh, and just when I wonder if they are “getting it”, it being everything you try to teach them, they will be amazingly good at great grandmas house, or say please and thank you with no prodding. More importantly, they’ll say “Jesus” when asked what they learned in Sunday school. We had their 2nd birthday party at the park near our house, everything was perfect. They ate cake and ice cream, opened presents, said thank-you to everyone for their presents, and had so much fun. They got bikes, a tent, a pool, and all kinds of fun toys. Which they haven’t lost interest in yet more importantly!
A little laugh, Zek recently said “moldy” when referring to my mole!

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2 thoughts on “2 years strong

  1. Happy Birthday, our sweet friends, Ben and Zek! We love you so much and are grateful for the Lord’s provision in your two years of life! It will be our prayer that in this new year you will grow to know and love Him more!

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