Everyday is an adventure x 2

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Some of the cute things they do…

Ben says, “let’s go to chick ta fe” he means chick fil a.

Zek asked me yesterday, “Does God have a belly button?” I replied “No, he made everything, no one made him.”  I quizzed him on this later, and he remembered and said, “God made things” I was impressed.

They did get their first haircuts, which did not cause them to lose their strength, previously our concern… They did great, it was a fun experience.

They both love to sing, even singing their prayers before meals to the tune: “Thank you God for my fooood, and our many blessings, and our many blessings, aaamen, aaamen.”   I’m not sure if they learned it in church, but it is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

They also are potty training, no accidents 2 days in a row, no more fighting to go, and the winner is…. M & M’s!!  Yes, 1 for pee, 2 for poo, 3 for no accidents all day.  I was afraid to use those thinking they would bug me all day long for them, but to my delight there’s not been one such case! They go potty and are totally satisfied with 1 m&m!! I know, how sweet and innocent, and if they are only getting one at a time, where are all those m&m’s going????  I am so proud of them, and though this was the hardest thing since infancy, I’m once again seeing the light of sanity.

The realization hit me this weekend, we are seeing less and less of our babies, and more and more of our little boys. They run (everywhere), jump (off of everything), they slide (down anything). They like to fix things, and if busy and you ask what they’re doing they’ll say, “I’m working.”  They are so much fun. Growing so fast. So sweet (and sassy).


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