Out of the mouthes of babes

Zek leaned over, with no prodding or prompting, put his hand on Asher’s cheek to gently turn him to speak in his ear, and said, “Hey, I love you Daddy.” Asher said he will remember that moment forever. I think it brought a little tear to both our eyes.

Ben saw himself in the bathroom mirror as I sat him on the counter to wash his hands, and for the first time, he really saw himself.  He asked what’s on my cheek?” I replied, “It’s a birthmark.” “Why do I have a birthmark on my cheek?” “Because God gave it to you specially.”  Then at the table he asked, “Where’s Zek’s birthmark?” I said, “He doesn’t have one on his cheek, his is on his back.”

“MORE SALAD!!” Oh they things that bring joy to a momma’s heart. So what if it was barked out like a drill sergeant with no please attached. For this one instance I didn’t mind. They finally will eat salad!! and some other veggies again, that haven’t got any farther than their lips in months. Thank you Lord.  I guess I was getting a little worried that they really only wanted “Steak and bacon!” (thanks to their daddy, yes they really say that when asked what their favorite food is, or what they want to eat no matter the time of day, and no they don’t really eat much of it.)

“Dessert is good for me.” says Zek

“You going to leave me?” Ben asks whenever someone comes to visit.

Lot’s of fun these boys.

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2 thoughts on “Out of the mouthes of babes

  1. To my beautiful family
    I have been wondering where you all were heard in Alb or in Santa fe .
    I am following up on all of your website and you all are gorgious God Bless you all. I still have the cd you recorded singing you christian music your Barett parents gave me you are awesome Asher singing to the Lord and your wife teaching your s and my babies gods way. I love you and your family. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. Please dont be mad at me I have always LOVED YOU AND MISS YOU. Love Susan. In Roswell

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