What you’ve missed…

You’ve.missed.a.Lot. But it’s not your fault. All I can do is keep up, and I’m usually running. That is until 8:30pm. Then I’m usually sitting. On.the.couch. So I don’t blog as much as I would like to, it’s funny though, I think in blog form often. Every holiday is fuller and busier and more fun. Starting with Halloween, we had a lot of fun showing off our little Cowboy and Indian, the boys loved the attention, I loved the innocence.  They came home with bucketfuls of candy, but what did they want when given a choice? A cute little dum dum sucker, because that is about the only candy they had had at that point.

Next we took family photos, thanks to Latisha Lyn Photography (www.latishalyn.com). She captured some great shots despite the inability of mom and dad to get the obedience we desired, we bribed, threatened, etc… did I mention she had her twins in tow as well? They are our buddies and as you can see in the picture, are very intrigued by these busy boys, who are very willing to entertain anyone watching.

Then Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lots of fun, lots of wonder, lots of awe. We had our first escapes from bed this past month. We are not ready for big boy beds. By we, I mean Asher and I. So far we haven’t been forced to take the plunge, and that is about the only way it will happen, when we are forced.

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2 thoughts on “What you’ve missed…

  1. Those boys just get cuter and cuter! And you guys seem like you are doing such a great job raising them up to be godly men. God bless you guys!

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