I’m back!!

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Wow, it’s been a long time, fortunately the previous entry lets me know just.how.long.  But nothing like expecting another baby to get me blogging again.  I have looked back at pregnancy pics with the boys and can’t believe the difference this pregnancy.  This week I will be 30 weeks pregnant, I can hardly believe we are already in our third and final trimester.  With the boys at this time I had gained over 3 times the weight!!! I’m thankful for that little difference.  I had the boys at 38 weeks on the dot, so I don’t think this baby will be making an appearance any sooner, since technically the boys were full term.

Though I’m exhausted and don’t get the luxury of napping whenever I please this time around, it has been very fun to experience this pregnancy with the boys. They are curious as ever and their questions and comments are often hilarious.  Zek looked at my growing belly one day and saw a line (probably a vein or “linea negra”) and asked if that was the umbilical cord.  Another time  Ben felt the baby move and said, “She’s trying to get out!”  The awe and wonder of their curiosity is precious and at times exhausting, but overall they are at such a fun age that adding this baby girl is going to be so exciting.  Did you hear that, BABY GIRL.  Yes, bring on the pink.  But I have a feeling she’s going to keep right up with these boys, she is on the move all.the.time.  She also seems sassy already, if you put your arm or hand on my belly she will quickly kick as if to say, “hey, get off!”  She’s not going to take any nonsense from her older brothers.  Though I can tell they will be great with her, protective, loving, and desiring to teach her all the things they know. Wait a second…

The boys are now 4 years old and lots of fun. The love to do crafts and “school” and if you ask them if they want to go to school, they’ll say “no, I wanna be homeschooled.”  While that’s still being prayed over, I am thankful to have another year with them, the thought of sending them off to Kindergarten can make this pregnant mama weepy.

Asher’s business is doing great, new clients every other week it seems.  With many challenges as well, we have enjoyed the benefits of having daddy a little closer to home.

As I look back through this blog, I am reminded of how precious these days are.  They are so quickly fleeting.  Too quickly.  Though each season brings it’s blessings and challenges, there is one thing that doesn’t change, God and his faithfulness to us.  We are so blessed. Enjoy the pics, a few of my favorites from this year.


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