A blog for me is a memory book.  So I’m feeling a sense of urgency to get these memories on record of this last 9 months.  We are 39 weeks 2 days!!  Having more contractions but nothing regular.  Feeling tired, excited, and a little anxious, but mostly just EXCITED!

As the time draws near to meet this little one, I am so thankful that God allowed me to do it again.  Before this pregnancy I felt a little sadness at the thought of never being pregnant again and not experiencing all that miraculousness again.  And “God has answered,” and we are almost to completion.  I feel we have not rushed this pregnancy, or complained this pregnancy (too much), or wished it away quicker, but rather simply waited, enjoyed, and soaked it all in.  I am very grateful for such a smooth pregnancy, I know many of my friends who have quite a different burden to bearing children.  I receive this grace, and am thankful for what I’ve been given.  It was a much simpler pregnancy than with the boys, not many ultrasounds, not as uncomfortable, not as much weight, not as much babies!  

It’s been fun to experience it with the boys too, to see this miracle unfold through their eyes and catch glimpses of their perception of it all.  Ezekiel has said some memorable things this last month, 

“Mommy, how are you going to be able to snuggle me when the baby comes?”  I said, “Well buddy, the baby will sleep a lot and we’ll be able to hang out while she’s sleeping, but you can always tell me when you need some loving too.”

Another cute one was when the boys were at Aunt Katie’s house and Ezekiel told her, “We won’t come back to your house ever again.”  She said “Why not?”  He said, “Because when the baby comes we won’t be able to go anywhere ever again.”

That comes from trying to help them know mommy will slow down for a little bit after baby comes, but I did say daddy and grandparents would come to hang with them, but that wasn’t the memorable part I guess.  

Ben surprisingly has not had many questions, I feel he knows something is coming, but is not too sure about it. One of the things Ben said earlier on when he felt the baby move was “she’s trying to get out!” It was comical.  He also said after being away from me a few days, when we told him to say hi to sister, “I can’t hug her yet.” He is my snugglebug, so I’m sure this little girl will be well snuggled.

Neither one of the boys want to feel her move anymore, I think it weirded them out. Especially Zek, when he put his face on my belly one time and got a good kick.  He was done after that.  They have been super sweet though at times, being more gentle with mommy. One day I was running out for a class and they were staying with dad, Ben said, “did you eat breakfast?” I said, “I grabbed a bagel.” He said, “that’s not enough, you could have my oatmeal!”  

Another time Zek said, “I wish I was still 3.” “Why Zek?” “Because then you could still hold me.”  I said, I can always still hold you, I just can’t pick you up.”

So those are what I can remember of our memorable memories. This new season will have many more for sure. I can’t wait to see their face when they meet their sister for the first time.  Pray for a smooth labor. Pray for my strength.  Pray for our patience with one another as we enter this new season of life for our family. Thank youImage


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